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19 December 2011


0517  sleeping
0630  sleeping
1121  Eating at Jason's Deli with Maria
1350  getting ready to go do some trapping
Lunch- Roast Beef sandwich with cheese, tomatoes, and pickles  
Dinner- Haiku with Eric, I had a Bento Box (beef) and 16 California Rolls (no avocado)

Random Fact- 131 of 254 counties in Texas are currently under a burn ban.  This is down from all but 4 towards the end of the summer.  Here in College Station we're 20inches below normal still.

Woke up, went to Church (St. Anthony's cheats on the new translation) then got lunch with Maria (we grabbed some plastic spoons so now we have utensils).  Drove around Brazos Co. for about 3 hrs and got a bunch of sets.  Only problem was there were too many birds- on almost every set I would end up with 2 birds crabbing over the trap almost instantly and not being able to get either (at one set 2 birds flipped the trap over then sat on neighboring fence posts watching the mouse until I realized what happened and picked up my trap). I think the drought has everything pretty desperate for food, although I saw a ton of doves, dickey birds, and ducks (the recent rain is starting to put water in the ponds) while I was out driving.  Talked trailers, tools, and food allergies (another person with my allergies, no wonder we're friends) at dinner, cats with Alice, and then watched some gangland before bed. 

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