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17 December 2011

Life returns to normal

0127 playing Bejewled online.  Quite productive use of my time I thought
1950 eating dinner at Martins, a BBQ place that's been around since the 1920's and even has a historical marker
2109 washing dishes
2322 Eating at yougert land (chocolate milk shake, strawberrys, and cookie dough).

Dinner- brisket sandwitch at Martins with a pickle, fries, potato salad, and Dr. Pepper

Random Fact- the first consigned shipment of cheese from New Zealand was shiped on the passenger ship SS Tararus, who ran struck a reef and sank off the southern part of the South Island.  Of the 151 people aboard,only 20 survived making it the worst civilian shipping disaster in NZ history

Due to my inability to sleep until everyone else in the house has gone to bed I was up until close to 0500.  Therefore it was a rather slow day, pretty much just hung around campus talking to a few people and playing with Ira's newish snake, Arthur.  Saw Eric there, then later in the evening at walmart.  My dad and I washed a ton of dishes in rubbermaid tubs (my sister's sink leaks) and to celebrate we got frozen yougert.  Finally, my sisters cat is a truely impressive acrobat words don't describe her abilities to get into difficult to reach places, I spent much of the evening harrassing her so she would jump into wierd spots.

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