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24 December 2011

on the road again

0428- sleeping
0533- still sleeping
1024- on the road to Santa Fe
2103- still on the road, in Oklahoma, going to stay in Amarillo tonight
Lunch-10 piece chicken nuggets and a small fry at McDonald's
Dinner-burger and ice cream sundae at Braums

Random Fact- The Halifax Explosion of 1917 is the largest accidental, man made explosion in history.  It also was the largest man made explosion in history until the atomic bombs came along.  It was estimated to have the power of 3 kilotons of TNT, killed 2000+ people, resulted in a fire and tsunami (and was immediately followed by a blizzard), and blinded so many people it is credited with spurring many advances in eye care/treatment.

My mom was feeling better this morning, so off we went to Santa Fe.  The high point of the drive was stopping in Little Rock and buying my new rifle- a Remington 700 (7mm rem) with scope.  We finished one book and got half way through another, both novels where the main character is a medical examiner of some flavor.  Finally arrived in Amarillo about 2, Maria, Eddie, and the kitten were already there so we got settled in and watched some TV before calling it a night.  We'll see what the roads are like in the morning, apparently the woman at reception told my sister the roads to NM are still really bad, and possibly closed...

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