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01 December 2011

Todays random points

0312: just gone to sleep...

1218: starting to get really hungry, wandering the halls.  Eventually located Dr. Johnston who was also wandering the halls.  Turns out we were both looking for Jim, so we went down to the classroom he was last spotted in.  Spencer told him to go to lunch with me rather than go swiming with him.

1701: Driving to Houston.  I hate Houston.  But I like having boots that are waterproof.  Especially when going to a rainy place

2356: watching Gangland with my sister, eating ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough), and noosing my new BC.  Really wish I hadn't left my BC in Africa.

I shipped off the OSU loan, only 3 years late.  Talked to various people in entomology, in general quite plesant, more discussion of my future plans.  Had to brave houston to trade in my trusty boots for a new pair, I love REI's life time guarentee.  When the guy asked how I killed them so fast (2 years almost to the day- 27 nov 2009 to 30 nov 2011) I told him that I picked them up on the way to Swaziland (literally on my way to the airport), and am now dropping them off on my way to New Zealand, with a dozen countries in between.  The life of a field biologist.

Lunch: Enchaladas verdes and a coke with Jim Woolley, at Sol de Mexico in Bryan.  Lots of talk of genes, phylogenies, pick up trucks, Texas BBQ, and maybe planted the seed for a leafhopper systematist on falculty in a few years.  Really had a good time. 

Dinner: Korean BBQ beef on a rice plate (shaped like a heart), at a vietnamese place with my friend Daisy.  The only good thing about braving Houston is seeing my friends, in todays case Brendan and Daisy.  Daisy and I go way back- she use to cook a huge meal for a bunch of us on Thursday nights, which were filled with food, TV watching (what to watch was always a source of argument), and the occasional late night hunting trip.  Fun times were had by all.

Fun fact: The Hidden Valley Gang is not a bunch of kids who really like Ranch Dressing, but rather a pretty violent neighborhood gang in Charllote, NC.  Their gang color is green, for their elementary school. 

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