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27 December 2011


0147- sleeping
1405- getting ready to go sledding
1534- sledding up at the forest
1902- eating dinner

Dinner-green chile stew with the left over roast from last night

Random Fact- the Scottish were seen in Victorian times as a technological people, and tended to be trained in engineering, surveying, and drafting.  Famous examples include Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie, and Sandford Fleming, all of whom were Scottish born then moved to the Americas.

Woke up this morning and had breakfast with the family, but we really didn't do much until Pre, Roch, and Sarah came over to go sledding.  Eddie went down first, lost his glasses and hurt his back, but after that incident things went much smoother (well except for when Pre ran into him after coming down the "bunny slope").  The big slope was pretty steep and had some large bumps you would get some pretty good air on.  The big hill was limited to the kids- my mom was going to try it, but chickened out and only slid down the bottom half, and before my dad tried it some kids started being stupid and sledding down while there were still people on the hill, so he decided to just do the small hill too.

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