Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

22 November 2008

So what has therese been up to in the last 6 months?

Well as you guessed I never did finish putting up the Argentina stuff, maybe I'll add that at some point. To sum it up the collecting was amazing, the food was fantastic (2 steaks and a beer for 3$ US can't be anything but good), and the group of people I was with were great fun.

Since Argentina I've went and played around in South Africa for a few weeks, went to conferences on 3 of the four corners of the US (all in the course of 3 weeks), and now am describing my first 3 species (and maybe my first genus too). The International Congress of Entomology was in Durban, South Africa, and like any good falconer I went a few days early since it was winter and ran around with the falconry crowd. I got lucky enough to pick a falconer who also has cheetahs, so that was doubley cool.

On a different note I got a new Elhew English pointer since my last one died last March. Dumas arrived at the end of August (the weather wrecked havoc on shipping him down at 8 weeks). He is out of good grouse hunting lines ( including Elhew Snakefoot and Hanna's Elhew Lou (for the pointer enthusists out there here is his pedigree:, bred in Montana. I found out from a friend of mine that a statue of my pup's grandfather is in the town square in an Alabama town, hopefully this coming week we'll get to see it and have a family picture. Hes turning into quite the bird dog, beating out some of the much older pups in our bird dog group. Heres a picture from when he was almost 4 months old: