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31 December 2011

Desert Hawking

0247- sleeping
0753- still sleeping
1048- test firing my new rifle, but it's too windy to really sight it in
2230- watching a show about anacondas
Lunch- turkey sandwich and sourdough
Dinner- casserole, beans, and single malt

Random fact- King cobra's main food source is other snakes, in particular rat snakes.  This makes them likely to occur in human areas as rat snakes are attracted to rats and mice which are often in high densities in human dominated landscapes.

After a quick breakfast and a few false starts involved Beth being locked out of the house Harry and I took my rifle out to the desert and shot a few rounds.  The wind was too high to sight it in so that will have to wait until tomorrow, but luckily they were low enough not to impact the hawking.  We loaded up the hawks and horses about 1500 and headed to the field with Jamaica, her daughter, 2 hawks, and dog.  We took turns riding the horses (including Debora and I oozing off Dancer when the saddle slipped, luckily it happened slowly enough I was able to mostly avoid landing on Debora when we hit the ground) and got all the birds flown.  The gos (ok flight, but a bit heavy so not amazing) and aplo (good flight, caught on the reflush) both caught quail while the Harris Hawks struck out.

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