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28 December 2011

Family History Night

0339- sleep
1121- eating breakfast (posole and grapefruit)
1359- waiting for my mom and sister to get home so we could get lunch
1834- watching football

Lunch- pepperoni and sausage pizza with cheese bread from Dions
Dinner- Turkey and rice casserole

Random Fact- Something I've known since I was a kid, but forgot until it came up tonight- Governer Abino Perez was killed in the Revolt of 1837 and my ancestors played soccer with his head in the plaza.  His head ended up on the corner of Hickox and Agua Fria in Santa Fe.

Spent the day hanging around the house mostly just playing on my computer and watching football.  I did ask my brother to create a program to remove the line breaks in the NEXUS files Seaview creates so I could manipulate them easier, so I was sort of productive.  Pre, Roch, and Sarah came over for dinner and we got grandpa talking about family history.  This ranged from the recent (Notre Dame games when i was a kid/ altercations his brothers got into/great grandma selling bootleg liquor at dances/my grandpa being born in the oldest house) to the long ago past (playing soccer with the governor's head/the family being known as troublemakers and law breakers/coming in with the conquistadors).  Decided to finish up the night looking around the NM pedigree site, I really need to print it all out and look at the family "tree" (with how inbred Northern NM is it'll be more of a web).

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