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25 December 2011

Final Destination (for a few days)

0806- sleeping
1134- on the road between Amarillo and Santa Fe
1334- getting closer
1547- Just arrived at my grandfathers house
Lunch-2 tamales
Dinner-corned beef and potatoes, and an Australian stout

Random Fact- The Iroquois Theater Fire (Chicago, 30 December 1903) is the most deadly structural fire in the US, and claimed about 600 lives.  Ironically it was considered fireproof on one hand but had major fire protection deficiencies on the other such as a lack of fire extinguishers or fire exits.

Ate donuts in Amarillo then made our way to Santa Fe, the roads were fine, although there is snow all over the roadsides etc.  Once we got to Santa Fe most of the day was spent planning and replanning things- when to go to Mass, when to go to the grocery store, when to have dinner etc.  I went to the pet store and got Varmint a new cage- with all kinds of features such as an exercise wheel and mouse house (which she loves), although she seems to have ADD and only spends 30 seconds doing any one thing.  After dinner we watched a show on ESPN about famous scapegoats for the Cubs and Red Sox's, it was pretty well done.  As we were getting ready to call it a night the kitten discovered the Christmas tree- she perched about 1/2 way up it dislodging Christmas ornaments all over, it reminded me of the Grinch stealing all the Christmas decorations...

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