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16 December 2011

There and back again

0758- sleeping
0903- still sleeping
1229- on the way to LAX, considering my dad wanted to be at LAX at that time he was a bit stressed
1332- checking in for our flight, the southwest lady really didn't want me to check my poster tube for some reason
Lunch/Dinner- Wahoo's steak tacos in Houston, this time with cheese and chips

Random Fact- Wahoo's has 4 Texas locations, one in Houston, 2 in Austin, and 1 in New Braunfels. They first opened in California in 1988.

Nine flights in 14 days is a bit much, even for me so I was glad to finally arrive home in Texas.  Bad weather delayed our flights, but luckily they held our connecting flight, otherwise I'd probably still be in San Antonio.  Maria met us with a welcome home sign, complete with a sheep drawn on it.  Spent the evening harassing her kitty and talking to my friends online.  Finally caught up on college football news [hre]

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