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02 December 2011

today's report

0104: Watching gangland. My sister and I love watching shows about gangs, preferably while eating Hagen Daus Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. It's become something of a tradition.

0259: I was writing up my random points from last night, and wishing I was asleep.

1757: Enjoying a ham sandwich with Dale and Kathy. Dale's been helping me train Dumas since he was a pup, and now he watches Dumas when I'm out of town. I like to go harrass them as often as possible.

2358: My sister and I had just gotten home from Heep. We had to pick up a bunch of reprints I had left in my office. Luckily my swipe card still works (after 3 years).

Lunch- I had a peperonni, sausage, extra cheese, and tomatoes (after its cooked) pizza at blue baker with a coke and a chocolate chip cookie. I went with Silvy so of course that was a good time. He's talking about writing a book about his adventures. I'd totally read that.

Dinner- a multi meal affair. First I had a ham sandwich that Kathy made for me, and a Bud light. Then a few hours later my sister and I picked up some Double Daves pepperonni rolls and ate them at my parents hotel room, after which we went to Yougert Land. They didnt have plain chocolate, so I had to have some wierd chocolate thing with my cookie dough and strawberrys.

Todays highlights were finding out Shawn can take me deer hunting and going to lunch with Silvy. Spent a while talking rifles and optics, can't wait to get my gun, and shipped off the AMNH loan, bringing my total to 2200 specimens returned this week. Today's low point was getting woken up at 645- why do professors wake up so early? Took Dumas to the vet and he got a clean bill of health, the vet commented on how different he is from my old pointer, Dexter and said the case study on Dexie was published recently.

Fun Fact: My sisters civil engineering professor developed the standards met by all glass in the US. He has also designed glass for use in tiger cages...

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