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22 December 2011

All kinds of fun

20 xii 2011

0247- sleeping
0333- sleeping
2153- Finishing up our Double Dave's
2357- Trying to pack up so I can leave early tomorrow
Lunch-some ham and cheese 
Dinner- pizza rolls 
Random Fact- Texas A&M is one of 6 Senior Military Colleges in the US, and supplied more officers in WWII then the combined totals of the US Naval Academy, and US Military Academy (and more than 3times the total of any other Senior Military College)

Worked on campus most of the day and got another 100 specimens databased.  Eric dropped me off at the mechanic and I picked up my truck.  I went out to Dale's to show them the pictures, and noticed my truck was leaking some antifreeze and also diesel was seeping out from under the fuel cap.  It got worse as I drove around more this evening, but when I went to syphon some fuel out of the tank it was all back to normal.  Spent the rest of the night gathering my stuff to head east tomorrow, I'd like to leave shortly after Dumas's vet appointment so I don't get into MO too late.

21 xii 2011

0656- sleeping
0856- running out the door to go pick up Dumas out at Dale's
1331- waiting for my truck to get refixed
1418- still waiting for my truck, I've managed to replace the air filter at my sisters apartment and make her a sign welcoming her home from the engineering building
Lunch-left over Double Dave's pizza rolls   

Random Fact- Leptospirosis is a disease in mammals caused by a spirochaete bacterium.  Dumas got his booster shot for this today. 

Day started as planned- got up too early and took Dumas to the vet where the vet was happy to see a dog that wasn't over weight.  Got home and noticed there was a bunch of antifreeze in the parking lot where my truck was parked, let the truck cool down and discovered no coolant in the radiator.  Poured 2g of water in and then took it to the shop where it was discovered the gasket on the thermostat wasn't properly sealed.  Finally was on my way 6 hrs later than planned, and had an uneventful drive until just after I crossed into Alabama about 0300 when my truck stalled.  Got out and diesel was coming out the rear tank and I had no fuel in the filter, so I primed the engine and 3 miles later it stalled again so I called AAA.

22 xii 2011

0232- driving through Mississippi
0319- getting my engine primed
1854- at my parents getting ready for dinner
2352- bout to go to bed, not sleeping last night is catching up, but the CNBC special on the Mexican Drug War is really interesting
Lunch-left over pizza 
Dinner- chili cheese dog   

Random Fact- Mexican drug cartels are involved with importing 70% of the drugs which enter the US.  Joaquin Guzman, the head of one of the cartels is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world according to Forbes

The tow truck arrived at about 530, we loaded up Betsy, and headed towards Birmingham. At 615 I called Mike and asked if he knew of any diesel mechanics in that area (the only one he could find was the Ford dealership).  The tow truck didn't want to start when we stopped for some snacks, but after fiddling with the fuel pump we were back on the road.  Ended up getting picked up by my mom in Tuscaloosa and Betsy went to a shop the tow guy (who also owns land for rock disposal in 4 states, 15 tow trucks, and 2 mechanic shops including a semi truck/diesel shop) owned there.  We dropped off Dumas at the kennel and then had a lazy day at home since we were all pretty tired (and to top it off my mom has bronchitis).

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