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18 December 2011

Building spoons

0107- playing online
0259- bout to go to sleep
1917- Eating at Chicken oil with my sister, marveling as usual at the awfulness of the taxidermy
2303- ice cream ice cream everywhere but not a spoon to eat it with
Lunch/Dinner- Chicken Oil- cheeseburger on toast with mustard, tomatoes, and pickles.  Also fries and fried pickles and a Dr. Pepper

Random Fact- there are more members of Pure Tango Blast in Texas state prisons then there are Little Rascals Gangsters in the entire US

Got woken up way to early and spent the morning loading up my parents van with my sisters stuff.  After they left I played online and then took a nap with the kitty.  Went out to the kennel and visited Dumas then grabbed dinner at Chicken Oil.  Chicken Oil is covered in truly awful mounts, today I noticed a woodchuck mount for the first time.  Finished up the day epoxying my BC, then using the left over epoxy to build spoons so Maria and I could eat ice cream while watching Gangland.

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