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20 December 2011

Almost done databasing (for now)

0712-  sleeping
0852-  sleeping
1408-  databasing leafhoppers from the Snow Collection in Kansas
1710-  out at Dales picking up my truck so I can take it to the shop and get the thermostat replaced
Dinner- Chicken and Rice Casserol my mom made and vaccum packed

Random Fact- From The Weather Channel- A white Christmas is defined as having one inch of snow on the ground on Christmas morning. No snow actually has to fall on Christmas Day

Worked on my database for a while- I'm over 7,000 specimens and have another 600 to go or so.  Maria and I went to Gander Mountain and I picked out the rifle I want- a Remington 700 .270, I need to make sure they have it at the store in Amarillo.  In other news, I apparenlty picked up the cold my mom brought home from New Zealand so guess I can't go see Brad/Kira/Simon as I'd hoped.  Betsy is in the shop, her thermostat is stuck open so the engine is running about 140F instead of 180F, figured I should get that fixed before I go to the land of snow and ice (New Mexico).  My sister's TA gave her a game- Machinarium, where you are guiding a robot through a series of puzzels, its really pretty fun.

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