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26 December 2011

Merry Christmas [HRE]

0659- sleeping
0951- at Christmas Mass
1426- playing on my computer
2352- watching house hunters
Dinner-roast beef, potatoes, tomatoes, and lots of wine…

Random Fact- Genghis Khan was responsible for the death of over 11% of the worlds population.

Got woken up entirely too early, went to Mass (boycotting the new changes) then came home and ate breakfast- french toast.  We then opened presents (I got a saw 'em off dart board, some books, an alpaca stuffed animal, some stirring spoons, and a sudoku cube).  Then relatives started showing up and various people started cooking.  My dad and I made our typical lemon pie, but otherwise I avoided anything cooking related, instead played Mario Kart and did some work on the computer.  Dinner was great, and much wine was consumed, although this meant there was a ton of dishes to do and food to put away.

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