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27 January 2012

Back to Warcraft

24 i 2012
1845-  Driving back from picking up quail
1906-  eating
2116-  reading the paper for tomorrow's discussion
2134-  playing with Boo

Random fact- The first pinewood derby was held on 15 May 1953 in Manhattan Beach, CA.
Lunch- chili 
Dinner- tamales  

My major accomplishment was picking up the quail from out near Bloomington.  It's apparently pinewood derby season, which brought back memories of having a track stretching from one side of the house to the other.  Other than that, I'm happy to report John finally trapped his bird using a different BC and a pigeon.  He's now out of town so I'm watching the falcon and dog.  I also spent the evening fighting with Blizzard- by the time I was able to get into my account they decided I was a hacker and locked it down so now I have to call them tomorrow...

25 i 2012
0220- bout to go to sleep
0759- sleeping
1206- meeting with chris to get some leafhoppers IDed
2240- playing with Boo

Random fact- to unlock your account you have to call them and practically verify your life or mail them copies of your drivers liscence, passport, or some other legal document proving you are who you say you are.  People take this game pretty damn seriously...
Lunch- steak 
Dinner- fish sticks  

I had my A&M systematics discussion group today- Skype went much better this time, I could hear most everyone talking and there wasn't the strange background humming going on.  I also got my WoW account reactivated so spent a few hours wandering around the forest.  Massimo and I went to the gym, ran our mile in 8 minutes 50 seconds and lifted for a while also. When we got done I was starving so I had Brendan throw my fish sticks (turned out to be a bad choice since I'd burnt my tounge on today's hot chocolate) in the oven while I went to take care of Boo.  Shes so much clamer than Dumas, its crazy to watch her in comparision to him.

26 i 2012
0219- bout to go to sleep
0856- sleeping
1216- rereading the paper for todays discussion
2132- questing with a new toon I'm playing

Random fact- bird systematists are splitters (which is old news).  What I didn't know is mammal and herp people are lumppers by comparision

Lunch- steak 
Dinner- shrimp and rice  

Systematics discussion group turned out to be quite interesting.  As usual we ended up talking about species concepts, and I got to mention Aubrey and her reaction to species delimination in fish.  I vortexed my 22 extractions throughout the day but otherwise spent it just working on image extractions.  Once I was home I spent a couple hours playing WoW- I started a new night elf hunter to try and remember how to best play my main.  Lastly, Dumas was incredibly sweet this evening, and even managed to sneak up on the couch and stay calm enough not to get thrown off- I skyped Is as proof it happened.

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