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01 February 2012

lots of updates

27 i 2012
0039- playing online
0702- sleeping
1956- at the rec
2226- playing with Boo

Random Fact- Today is the day the National Geographic Society was founded (in 1888)

lunch- Steak and Shake
dinner- shrimp and rice  

Worked all day- the morning was spent finishing the extractions and the afternoon was taken up with doing PCRs and running a gel.  It's always good to see things light up when you flip the UV light on.  Assuming all goes well I'll be able to submit a plate before I head to Texas.  Not a whole lot else going on, just sat around and watched some TV while drinking Amarula and then quested.  Not a bad way to spend the evening.

28 i 2012
0229- trying to sleep
0619- sleeping
1055- driving to Charleston to deposit a check
1851- running PCRs

Random Fact-on this day in 1922 the roof of the Knickerbocker Theater in Washington DC collapsed due to a massive blizzard, killing 98 people watching a silent movie.
lunch- roast and pizza with Massimo and Brendan
dinner- steak  

I had to drive down to Charleston today and deposit a check.  This in itself isn't too bad, its only 45 minutes away, but I missed my exit and had to drive an additional 15 miles, which was super lame.  When I got home though Massimo and lunch waiting- Roast and pizza both of which were quite good.  Then it was off to the lab where I spent the day running PCRs, such fun.  I came home about 2100 and quested for the rest of the night.  I don't know what I did for the last 6 months without WoW to play.

29 i 2012
0056- playing WoW
0947- sleeping
1329- eating lunch with Mikey and Massimo
1713- purifying PCRs

Random Fact- The Santa Fe Opera house burnt down in the 1960's.  According to Santa Fe lore they really wanted to build a new one and coincidentally all the costumes etc had been sent out for washing the day before...

lunch- enchiladas verdes
dinner- fish sticks  

Mikey came into town briefly today- he was suppose to catch a 700 flight, missed it and then missed the next one out so instead he got lunch with Massimo and I and then Massimo took him to the airport.  I spent most of the day in the molecular lab running gels- looks like I have enough for my plate.  I also coded some morphology while waiting for the gels to run, so I was quite productive.  Excluding work it was a pretty quiet day, went and played with Boo for a while and then came home and harassed my dog.  Eddie and I also got our plane tickets for Egypt- we're leaving 7 March and getting back on the 18th, I can't wait [HRE]

30 i 2012
0228- wishing I could sleep
0537- sleeping
1037- taking out Boo
2140- eating dinner and working on the puzzle with Massimo and Brendan

Random Fact- Giza is only 20km from Cairo

lunch- salami
dinner- halibut and potatoes  

I got a sequencing plate ready to go today- ended up having to do a few more purifications and then Jamie and I loaded up the plate.  The sequencing reaction finished a bit after 1700 so Jamie will take it in first thing in the morning (and figure out the new submission protocol).  Other highlights of the day included getting an assigned tea time (1345 or so), finding a bunch of interesting biogeography papers, and going through some more morphology with Chris.  However, as Chris pointed out at the rate we're going it'll take us 20 years to do all the genera we need to score.  Massimo, Brendan, and I made substantial progress on the puzzle- most of the sky is done, I guess now it's time to work on the snow.

31 i 2012
0331- actually sleeping for once
0530- sleeping
1727- meeting John for dinner
2129- hanging around with Massimo and Brendan

Random Fact- Red imported fire ant has been found on a number of Caribbean Islands over the last 10 years, although so far not Dominica

lunch- the rest of the halibut and potato from last night
dinner- fish and chips  

My big accomplishment for the day as reading a ton of pdfs about biogeography.  These were mostly papers looking at various biogeographic analysis techniques, but a few looking at historical vs. current environmental factors in species assemblages, and one really interesting paper comparing RIFA introduced vs. native (and predicted vs. actual) ranges.  I also got a bunch of images extracted from Paralimnini pdfs and Jamie submitted the plate that we'd been working on.  We also had our lab meeting where we decided to start working our way through the Auch. subfamilies and talked about creating a new lab website.  I capped off my super productive day with a trip to the Rec with Massimo and while I only walked a mile instead of run (I'd eaten to close to when we went) I did up my weight for most of the strength training stuff...

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