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02 January 2012

Tire changing (tines two)

0725- sleeping
1551- loading up the horses
1821- on our way home from the field
2201- talking to Harry

Lunch- beef enchilada at a taco place in town
Dinner- spaghetti

Random fact- The collared forest falcon (Micrastur semitorquatus) is a rare vagrant to the lower Rio Grande Valley. Only one record has been accepted by the Texas Rare Birds Committee, in 1994, although others have been reported and not accepted.

Nothing brings in the New Year quite like a flat tire, especially when that flat tire is on a trailer and the spare rubs so it has to be replaced (and the tire re changed).  Luckily the weather was pleasant and we got it done just in time to load the birds up.  No Jamaica today, so we just had Harry's gos and HH, both of which took quail in nice flights.  We had a close call with a RT that came in on the gos while we were trying to locate him on a kill, but between the dogs and my more or less failed attempts to make Dancer run the RT decided not to mess with the gos.  It was a bit cooler today and you could really see a difference in the gos's flight style, he was really turning on the heat and chased the quail with gusto before nailing it.

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