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24 January 2012

Always running

0136- working on my Calculus0455- sleeping
0726- still sleeping
1559- out looking for John's red tail

Random fact- the ShotSpotter is able to identify gunshots, and identify where they originated, sometimes to within 5 feet, then alert the police to where they occurred.  It can also tell if the shooter was stationary or moving.  This technology was first deployed in Redwood City, CA, and is now found in 80 cities world wide including Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Lunch- 10 piece chicken nugget
Dinner- pizza

Seems like all I did today was run around.  I met with Chris a couple of times, met with the language study people, and met up with John to try and trap the bird again (unsuccessfully).  In all that running around though I did manage to get some work done and should be set to do a bunch of extractions tomorrow.  Chris has been going through some Mexico samples and pulled out a bunch of genera I don't currently have in my data set, always good to fill in gaps.  Lastly, I filled out my travel and leave for for the Philippines , hopefully I can get my ticket purchased soon...

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