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21 January 2012

the Texas truck rebellion

0221- just about to fall asleep
0813- sleeping
1021- still sleeping- I woke up at 1032, exactly 8 hrs after I went to sleep.  At this time I was dreaming about a BBQ beef sandwich…
1834- about to go pick up Massimo so we can head to the rec

Random fact- Indoor plumbing (with hot and cold water even) was available for the very wealthy even in the 1850s.  Hot water was heated in the basement, and both hot and cold water was stored in the attic for use.

Lunch- steak and shake
Dinner- tacos

Well my poor Red Devil's battery gave up the ghost this morning, so I caught a ride in with Brendan (who's car stalled 3 times on his first trip into work... guess our vehicles are as Texan as we are).  Work was pretty uneventful- sorted some samples for Argentina, extracted some images, had hot chocolate, and went to the 3rd session of the language study I'm doing.  Brendan, Massimo, and I went to the rec- ran a mile (9.30), rowed for 1015m (5.35), and lifted.  It started snowing sometime while we were in the rec, so we walked outside to a pretty decent layer of snow, sadness.  Then we grabbed dinner and went back to my place to work on the puzzle, drink wine, and eat cobbler. 

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