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19 January 2012

Been a few days...

16 i 2012
0123- at C-street for the Drag Show
0451- finally asleep
1121- leaving the house to head into the lab
2300- playing online

Random fact- The Alpine Salamander (Salamadra atra) gives birth to two fully formed young after a pregnancy of about a year.  Each oviduct contains 20 or more eggs all but one in each oviduct go to feed the developing embryo.  A similar species (Salamandra lanzai) found only in the Italian and French Alps has a gestation period of up to 6 years.

Lunch- steak and shake
Dinner- roast Massimo made

Massimo and I introduced Brendan to the beauty of Steak and Shake, Houstonions are so deprived.  The three of us decided to start working out, effective immediatly.  Then it was off to the lab where I did some PCRs and organized my vouchers.  We went to the rec after work where we ran a mile, did some free weights, and played on the rowing machine Massimo and I picked up some Mango Boing at Mas Amgios then went home for roast.  As Massimo put the cobbler in the oven Alice texted and asked why he wasnt at the bar- turns out he was suppose to meet her there so we went to Crane Alley for a beer.

17 i 2012
0644- sleeping
1035- on our way to the lab
1112- working on my vouchers
2340- at Massimos playing with the player piano

Random fact- the Eli Young Band was formed while the members were attending UNT. 

Lunch- left over pizza
Dinner- red rockfish and rice

Brendan and I went in about 1130 and I continuted working on my voucher specimens while running the gel for the PCR I did yesterday (5+ positive control worked out of 15).  Lab meeting only lasted about 15 minutes, I think thats a record.  Afterward Chris and I went through my genus list and picked out some additional genera to add, then I went and talked to KJ for a while.  Went home and worked on some stuff there before going to Massimos at 9 for cobbler.  We watched some southpark, ate our cobbler with chocolate ice cream, and then listened to a bunch of songs on the player piano.

18 i 2012
0913- sleeping
1115- at the lab
1609- at the PEEC seminar- on shell assembelage
1952- at the Rec finishing the workout

Random Fact- some shells on the sea floor are over 5,000 years old, but the average age at the sites examined by todays seminar speaker was about 120 years old.

Lunch- left over fish/rice 
Dinner- fish sticks  

Met with Chris this morning, he wants me to extract images from Mike Stiller's African delt papers so we can try and identify the specimens we have.  I Skyped in to my first systematics dicussion group meeting at A&M the process worked out pretty well, and Ms. Shirely called me a problem child for making them set up the Smart Board for the class.  I also went to my first session with the language learning research people.  I think I impressed her with my vocabluary skills on the pretest- apparenlty not many people can quickly figure out maritime = boats...  We went to the rec for about an hour tonight, ran our mile in about 10 minutes, lifted weights, and did some other random things. 

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