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23 January 2012

More adventures

21 i 2012
0621- sleeping
1035- working up the motivation to go get my battery checked
1731- at the lab
2125- eating dinner with Massimo, Mikey, Brendan, and Tom

Random fact- in winter weather the transmitted frequency of a crystalline transmitter can be up to 1khz lower than at normal air temperatures

Lunch- subway steak sandwich with tomatoes and pickles 
Dinner- sweet and sour shrimp  

Most of the day was spent chasing around a red tail hawk who while not wanting to be caught also wasn't too upset with our presence.  We even tried getting her in the dark, which only resulted in us getting very, very cold, and questioned by the cops.  Luckily I was with a cop and the fact we were using night vision while wandering around on the side of an interstate was not an issue.  Mikey came down for the weekend also, in hopes we can go to the farm tomorrow and shoot, but from the looks of the weather this isn't going to work out.  At least one lucky thing happened- my truck started this morning, and according to the mostly clueless guy at Auto zone the battery itself was dead but didn't need to be replaced.

22 i 2012
0900- sleeping
1702- on my way home from Mass
2045- leaving Massimo's after dinner
2250- working on my Calculus

Random fact- T-mobile had copyrighted the magenta color it uses in its logo, so no other telecom or related company can use it.  However, blue (my favorite color) is the the most popular part of the spectrum for logos. 

Lunch- burger at the cafe
Dinner- chili

My accomplishment today was making a pot of chili (although as my mom likes to point out, my chili doesn't include any chile, and hardly any vegetables).  It turned out pretty good and hit the spot on this cold, wet, and dreary day.  I also started working on my calculus assignment, and have been highly amused by the text, which includes statements about how Mathematica is not like a drug (so always say yes) and calling problems math kittys.  Eddie and I decided as long as the math kitties aren't evil like GGK it'll be fine.  We also had a really nice thunderstorm tonight, and from the weather map it looks like the parentals, Maria, and Eddie are also being hit by the same band of storms...

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