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14 January 2012

Oh Alabama

0547- sleeping
1002- trying to not wake up while my parents made breakfast/lunch
1325- talking around the table, while my brother and dad draw diagrams on the windows
2004- watching TV with the family while trying (and succeeding) to locate the subject of the HHI episode in Windhoek. We found out Kasper J. is a software engineer, and crazily enough is working on something my brother proposed doing in his Goldwater scholar application. I suggested he skype Kasper using the skype ID we found on his personal webpage and suggest collaboration. No we aren't creepy.

Random fact- The political, cultural, and geographic center of Namibia is Windhoek. It also is where they brew a beer with the same name which is one of the most widespread beers in southern Africa. Their commercials can be rather amusing, or quite stupid depending on your mood.

Lunch- French toast, bacon
Dinner- Bratwurst, kraut, and fried potatoes at a German restaurant

Today can be summarized with a story. At the German place, the waitress came over and asked us to look up on our phones how to spell "Caribbean". Instead, I pulled out a 5 EC bill (the currency in Dominica and various other islands) and handed it to her to copy from. She ran around showing everyone else in the place, and I'm pretty sure it was the most exciting thing to happen in Huntsville all month (gotta love Alabama). Other than that we took a short walk but discovered 36 degrees is not conducive to walks at all, and watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory (the new one and the football one) and House Hunters International (Simon and Fiona, plus Kasper).

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