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10 January 2012

Lots of days

5 i 2012
0526 sleeping
0732 sleeping
1814 on the way back to College Station from Sawdust Ranch
2208 drinking on northgate
Random fact- 40% of all lab acquired infections are bacteria caused.
Lunch- lamb kebabs 
Dinner- Freddy burger at the Chicken 

Met up with Shawn and we went out to his father-in-laws ranch near Carlos.  First I resighted in my rifle, (shooting off sticks is harder then the truck), and then headed to the blind.  Saw one doe for a few seconds (but no way to get a shot off), and had a really good view of a young buck, but its an antlerless permit so no go.  Seeing that buck though really helped my confidence level because that was defiantly a shot I could have made.  Met up with Maria and Courtney at Northgate, and found out Courtney's been getting emails for a friend of mine who has an almost identical e-mail address it's a small world. 

6 i 2012
0130 building my lego house
0814 sleeping
1937 eating dinner with Maria
2150 getting internet at Nagle
Random Fact- Hendra virus is transmitted by flying fox that is currently circulating in Australia.  It's killed about 20 horses this past year.

Lunch- leftover Hakiu
Dinner- sweet and sour shrimp 

Poor Maria was sick today, so we ended up not heading to Alabama so instead I went into Nagle and told Jim Cathey about the email confusion with Courtney.  Then I went and sat on the steps of Nagle to eat my lunch.  Talked to a bunch of physical plant guys as they walked by (offered them some California rolls when they asked if I had enough for them, they declined).  Its one of the big differences I notice between A&M and UIUC- there isn't nearly the "class" divide here at A&M between staff and students.  Overall it was a perfect day in Aggieland, with great weather and I even got some work done...

7 i 2012
1005- trying to get the energy to get out of bed
1148- at Target
1721- driving
1959- still driving

Random fact- There are 8 extant species of pangolin

Lunch- leftover sweet and sour shrimp

Spent the day driving from College Station to my parents place in Trinity, AL.  We also picked up my truck in Demopolis, AL which is truly a classy town.  While sitting at the gas station a woman flipped out screaming her boyfriend was going to kill her over the mess her dog made in his car while she was inside buying a coke.  What was the mess you may ask? A sudden litter of puppies...  Looks like I bought some bad diesel as there was a ton of water in my tanks, now that that's been filtered and the injectors cleaned Betsy runs better than ever.

8 i 2012
1208- eating breakfast
1421- at Costco
2005- waiting for my little brother to appear while finishing up dinner
2339- watching TV

Random fact- Piperton, TN is a huge speed trap, ask my poor brother...

Dinner- burgers

My sister and I arrived around 0300 and after getting the dogs settled in and a quick snack we went to bed.  The last 100 miles were really foggy and while there wasn't much traffic there was a bus on the road which was driving pretty erratically.  We spent the day mostly lounging around, although we did go to Costco and Mass in the afternoon.  Dumas and Schubert get along great, as do Dumas and Daphers, but Daphers and Schubert aren't exactly buddies, it made TV watching a bit of a challenge this evening, but it worked out.  Its always nice having all of us back together [HRE]

9 i 2012
0926- sleeping
1126- eating breakfast- apple crepes
1725- watching TV and waiting for my dad to get home
2206- watching the national championship game (Roll Tide)

Random fact- The game today was the first shut out in a BCS national championship game. The Alabama coach, Nick Saban, was also the first coach to win the BCS championship 3 times (2x with Bama and once with LSU).

Dinner- Steak and potato salad with a Shiner

Spent the day tweaking various analyses- my Deltocephalini clade isn't coming out monophyletic.  We also let the dogs run around most of the day, which mostly consisted of Daphers barking constantly, Shubert hiding on the couch, and Dumas running around the house.  The highlight of the day though was watching bama win the national championship over LSU.  We decided to recreate steak sales- my dad and brother (being both Knights, by brother even wearing his steak sale shirt) cooked up the steaks, which we finished eating just as the game started.  To celebrate the victory my sister and I went into Decatur to buy t-shirts at Martins (which seemed to be where half the town was), but they were already sold out of mediums. 

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