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15 January 2012

Work day

0106- watching Scrubs on netflix
1102- eating Eggo's with my brother
1529- at Panera working and eating bread
2056- watching Big Bang Theory and working on my DDIG

Random fact- Chevy introduced its new midsize truck, the Colorado, in Thailand is the world's largest market for midsized pickups.  The suburban is also the vehicle in longest continuous production (since 1935)

Lunch-Eggo with butter, strawberry jam, brown sugar, and powdered sugar
Dinner- Ham, yogurt, and pudding

With my parents out of town for the weekend we spent the afternoon at Panera working and eating bread.  I worked on the DDIG corrections, incorporating the comments from my committee has been a bit of a challenge at points, especially when they contradict each other... It was nice and sunny today so I let the dogs hang out outside for most of the morning.  Dumas is funny, he just stands there in the middle of the yard staring at me the whole time hes outside.  Goofy dog, if there aren't birds to find he's completely uninterested in doing anything.

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