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02 October 2006

Conference time

Quite an eventful week. Conference was fun as expected. Satureday was spent at the mixer then a couple bars which would become our haunts for the week- Humpys and the snowgoose/sleeping lady (which had really cool pint glasses). As expected we hung out with the sul ross guys along with the humbolt crowd. Us westerners need to stick together. Stayed out way to late but as usual had a good time. It was nice not to have to worry about getting caught drinking. They has Alaska Amber for free at the banquet, it was very exciting. Next morning came way to early, after going to mcdonalds for breakfast. At first we decided to go fishing with Ryan and Eric, but they took to long so we left to have some quiz bowl study time. We made maria the manager and she read us questions. We moved locations every hour or so to prevent other teams from spying at us. Spots also included the river running through town, Taco bell (for lunch), and one of the back hallways at the convension center. Then it was time for quiz bowl, which will come in a later installment of this lovely blog.

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