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12 October 2006

Groping in the dark or what happens when a college town looses power for a few hours

We had a great black out right after getting back from AK. I was sitting in the genetics lab help session about 500 when all the sudden the power went out then came back on. Strange but whatever. Then it went out again and stayed off for a few min before coming back on. Keep in mind I'm surrounded by all this high tech equimpent that keeps turning on and off and therefore beeping constantly. It was like a symphony of beeping, kinda amusing. This lasted a good 15 min before the power totally went out and we decided to leave the building. Went over to Heep and discovered it was totally dark over there too. So went over to biocontrol and sure enough there was no power over there either. I wanted to find wharton to get my trivia for the day so walked into the dark lab. All the sudden this flashlight pops on and all i see is whartons head. So i got my trivia and then we went out to the parking lot. We had a wildlife society meeting that night and wharton wanted to talk at one of them about dominica. I told him he could come to tonights, but he wanted to know what would happen without power. I suggested he do interpretive dance of dominica, so he started interpretive dancing climbing a palm tree and bird watching, definatly the highlight of the night. The power stayed off through the meeting (so we had an outdoors meeting, kinda fun), then went to mcdonalds (the only place with power) for dinner with maria and a couple fish from tws. Then I dropped Maria off at the girls and I went to Aubreys to hang around. The power came back on eventually although it was off in part of BCS until 2300. It was a nice relaxing evening since no work could be done- that hasnt happened for a while.

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