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23 September 2006

This ice is not safe for human consumption

Made it to AK fine. Spent my last day in bcs running around like crazy. Highlights of the day inculded stealing Woolleys business permit so I could park anywhere on campus, getting my hair cut with Aubrey (who for some reason thought it would be easy to get me to cut my hair differently) and getting all the food for UESO ready to go. This was good times because we had to fill this huge ice chest up with the "not safe for human consumption" ice on the 6th floor, so we stuck it on a dolly then wheeled it around. On the way down we had to stop off at the 4th floor to get cammack a key and I stayed to guard the ice chest. I got bored and lazy so laid down on top of the ice chest (I told you it was huge) and when cammack came back somehow got him to wheel me around on it back to my office. It was definatly fun. Then up to Dallas where we got to hang around until 3 when we had to be on the plane to sea/tac. Seatac was a quick visit, we were there basicly long enough for me to call cammack and maria to yell at the burgerking lady about getting our food out since we were in final boarding. We got on the plane with our food and stuff. We got to AK around 2040 (20 min early). Walking out of security I though I saw Dr. Slack but he showed no recognition as I walked but so I figured it wasnt him. We met Lisa & John near the escalators just outside security and as we were standing there I saw Silvy come down the escaltor followed by Dr. Slack, so I wasnt going crazy. Said hi to them then went to claim my luggage. The poster tube apparently is now considered oversized so that took a bit to find, but we were on the road within a few min. Made it to Girdwood by 2200, played with the dog and talked some then called it a nite.

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