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16 October 2006

Did anything actually happen to warrent a post...nope

Finally caught up from being in Alaska. Make up tests drive me crazy, but its nice to have them all done. Other than that me and 10 other Dominica surviviors got together at Roadhouse for dinner. Before this I had a meeting for the Honors Research Fellows Program I am in. Once this was done I ran over to biocontrol grabbed my truck then back to the MSC to pick up DiAngella for the dinner. We waited for 45min or so before we could get seated at Roadhouse, it was pretty cold outside. Only other exciting thing thats happened recently is that cammack and I took woolleys business pass so we could deliver a package for wharton. I was so distracted by getting the business permit (one of my favorite things in the world) I walked into the wall next to the door in woolleys office. Him and Cammack were quite entertained by that. Glad I can be of some amuesment value to them.

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