Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

12 October 2006

How to drive a prof crazy and corrupting the young

Well eddie came down to visit last weekend. He came down on saturday and left on monday. He hung out in the lab over the weekend and then came to class with maria and I on monday. I got him for insect physiology and wolleys systematics class. Woolley starte class by saying we had a visitor and you could tell it was my brother cause we looked identical and we had matching dell computers. It was rather amusing. Eddie left after that class and by some maricale he made it back to allen wtihout getting lost. Quite an accomplishment for someone who got lost in north zulch (population maybe 50 and only has a highway running ns and one runninng ew (the one he was on) and who on the way down on saturday turned the wrong way down 190 and made it back to I45 before figuring it out. The rest of the week was uneventful at least until wensday, when I had my late lab, then movie for genetics, then time for making clay wasp models. Before this though I had to take a range test then my genetics make up test. After this i realised i needed to write up my phys lab report so went back to the office and typed it up. Only issue was that I had put last weeks data in my copy of intro to the study of insects which I let josh use for whartons class. So I ran downstairs, but he was already in class so I just wrote up what I could then called it good. Phys lab was the longest ever, so Ramish bought the entire class pizza for dinner. It was the greatest. Went over to biobio for my extra credit movie night. After a 30 min delay for equipment difficulties they finally got the movie started. It was gatica, i had seen most of it, but finally got to see the ending. Pretty good movie. Then finished a paper then over to cammacks to make clay Eucharids for Woolley. On the test it said no more than 4 pages including tables, figures, and clay models, so we took him up on that. I made one that was blue and cammacks was green, they were pretty dang cool looking. They took quite a while, but were pretty close to morphologically correct. On the way home I picked up maria at the girls house and then we went home. One the way back maria pointed out a cop in this parkinglot so i made sure i was going the speed limit and all that jazz. I still managed to make an illegal wide righthand turn and got pulled over. Only got a warning, not bad. I was kinda hoping the cop would ask about the budlight box maria was holding so i could whip out the clay eucharid in the box, but he didnt. So good times were had by all over the last week.

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