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22 October 2006

Ring Dunking! or one more example of aggie insanity

Last saturday was rather eventful. Started with the football game with Aubrey, Anne, and some of their other friends. We had perfect seats- 2nd row, 3rd deck, 50 yrd line. The game went well, another fighting texas aggie win. Then it was time for the systematics party at oz's. A bunch of the faculity was out of town, but it was still good times. Took a short tour of the property and ate a ton of food. To top it off Josh and Shawn each caught an Abachrysa at the sheet bringing me up to about 50 specimens. I left around 2130 and picked Maria up then went to Stephens for the dunking. Frank showed up with his Pinita- shaped like a Mexican guy with a green card and a drug bag in the other. We didnt have a place to hang it so stephen got up on the roof and held the rope. I got to hit it first to make up for my pinita as a kid. After a couple of swings the head came off and some tequela (plastic bottles) and candy came out. A bunch of other people took turns hitting it and eventually we pretty much demolished it. Next was the actual dunking. I did mine in a pitcher of Shiner. Stephen, Dasiy, and I lined up and started. Cammack was my timer. I got a good chunk of the way through my pitcher before getting sick, but I made it all the way in 07 min and 07 seconds. Pretty perfect if you ask me (im class of 07 for the non Aggies). After the dunking we hung around for a bit then I went home and went to bed. The next day I was up and at heep by 11ish. Not too bad all things considered. Fairly uneventful morning, talked to Josh for awhile and got a bit of work done. Oz showed up around noon and I guess realized not much work was getting done and decided we should go collecting for ant lion larva. So the 3 of us loaded up in oz's truck and went down to navasoda. We sifted ant lions for a while, got 15 or so 3rd instars. Back to the lab cause oz had to be home by 4 then it was back to work.

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