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05 October 2006

We are the Champions of the World (or at least North America)

Well lets start by saying quiz bowl went well. It was single elimination and we hadnt played most of the teams there so it was a bit different than normal. The 1st bonus question was right up my alley- 3 falconidae without falcon in the name and name a character. well we had to challenge it since they didnt want to accept eureasian hobby, but they figured it out that it qualified. Another personal favorite question was "who is president of the wildlife society"? Annaliese buzzed in and said dr. orgeon. The moderator said no, its bob brown. Bob stood up in the back of the room and announced they had sworn john oregon in at 11am that morning so we were right and they were wrong. We played 4 rounds- 1 close and 3 not so much. My favorite score was 164 to 0 in the 3rd round. It was so pretty. After it was over dr. brown and slack took us out to dinner. If we won 1-3 we got to eat like him (nice food) and if we came in bottom 3 we had to feed him like we ate (taco bell). so we went to rumrunners but they wouldnt let maria in (who was our alternate and gets her name everwhere just like us, and actually could have gone in and done perfectly well, she new more than some of the other teams did) so we went to the brewhouse. The food was excellent. After that we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Monday was poster day. Maria and mine posters both went very well. Other than that we just hung around the convention center, drove around anchorage a bit, and visited the vendors. I got some cool books and random free stuff. I love free stuff. I even got a key chain tire pressure gage. How cool is that?

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