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03 September 2006

Drove from bcs to dallas to oklahoma city then back to dallas today. Not a bad drive, got to allen in time for lunch then hung around for a while then up to OK. A little bit of rain on the way but nothing to major. Dex was as fat as I feared after the description of looking like a fat lab. But after seeing Lauren's dog I decided she was right and her's was fater. It looked kinda like a cylinder with legs sticking out while mine at least retain a basic doglike shape. OKC was nice, got to play with Laurens burmese python. We went out to eat at a nice Italian resturant, I got veal and then Lauren and I split a slice of chocolate cake. I got a couple books id been wanting to read along with some falconry art to decorate my room and office with for the year, itll be kinda like a rotaing art exhibit. I got the picture from Lauren of my new bird, so i'll post those momentarily. But first I forgot one of the great stories of the week.

So on tuesday Christa, Stefan, and I went to mcdonald/taco bell as usual. When we were done we had some time to kill so decided to wander over to the new chem-e building and go to the top floor and look a the view. It was after 7, so while the outer door was open, the inner doors were not. We were standing in between the 2 sets trying to figure out a way to get in when some prof walked out. He looked at us and said something along the lines of dont your ID's work, and we instantly became dumb fish who didnt know how to get into the building. So he let us in and left. We went up to the top floor and watched the world go by for 20 min or so. We were half expecting Homeland security or something to show up and arrest us, but the didnt. It was good times, the view is definatly worth seeing.

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