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19 September 2006

been awhile since the last post. Went to tour the ranches we will be doing our habitat management plans on. Only issue is that annalises and I got there at exactly1130 and they had already left. So we started calling everyone and finally got ahold of clint who told us he thought we should go north, but he wasnt sure. So I called bob who said to call Roel who said to go south. Finally met up with everyone and went to the ranch we picked. Its pretty nice, got a couple ponds, some leased cows, and nice owners. Then it was off to the other ranch then back to A&M. We had game night at the house, played some mario then phase 10. The funniest part was that frank had brought over a small bottle of tequela he was taking shots from. Well somehow Molly (Annaliese's dog) smelt the bottle and rather than running away as she does when shown beer or wine she went crazy and wouldn't leave the bottle alone. She kept licking it and trying to drink out of it. Strange dog. Saturday I met up bright and early with cammack, josh, and david. We loaded up all our gear into davids truck then headed south for a day of collecting on Nash Prairie. We met up with Ed and some dude named Brian and went to the prairie. The collecting was ok although we were hitting it at a bad time in the season. Hopefully make it back out there next spring. Should be tons of good leafhoppers. We then grabbed some lunch at a seafood place (gotta have fish when your on the coast) then headed to the beach for some dunes collecting. There werent many leafhoppers but there were tons of neurops and odes so that was quite exciting. Shortly before dark we got back on the road to light collect the prairie. Part way there Ed pulled over and said he left the GPS back at the beach so was going to go back for it. So we kept going, only problem was that we werent exactly sure where we were going. Well 2 hrs later we had driven down basicly every road in West Colombia with no luck. About 2100 we gave up and headed home. Highlights of sunday included almost getting struck by lightning as I stepped out of church and on a much more fun note dinner at Steven and Dasiy's. O, and yesterday they announched the EEB grants, and I got one. I can afford to go to ESA and ECN this year, always exciting.

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