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04 September 2006

Got carhart jacket (artic variety) and gloves for my birthday- very exciting, had always wanted a jacket. Those of you whom have worked in wTX with me know I typically wear a jacket if it gets below 75 degrees, below 65 and you can count on jacket, fleece, and gloves, so this new jacket is definatly a welcome addition. As the rest of the family left bcs maria and I started fighting on the front porch as we are prone to do. I went up to hit her and my Aggie ring flew off my finger. Youd think I would learn if I have had gloves on within 20 min my ring will not stay on after loosing in on the beach at sunset over christmas, but no. After about 4 hrs of searching in which we found a dead warbler in excellent shape so Annaliese can stuff it and more beer tops than would be expected in the average yard me, maria, annaliese, and will called it a night. I think the neighbors must think were all a bit strange since we were out there looking with desk lamps and any other implements of lightage we could find, including Maria's meducsa lamp. As an added bonus apparently leafhoppers are more attracted to blue than yellow, green, red, or purple since those are the colors of the meducsa lamp arms and the blue had 90% of the cicadellids on it. We figured the best chance would be if someone had a metal detector. I figured if anyone I knew had 1 it would be Frank, and in phys this morning I found out i was right. So he came over and after about 30 min of looking we found it. It had flown pretty far, probaily 10-15 ft or so. Spent the rest of my time working on a travel grant through Ecology and Evoluntionary Biology. Hopefully they'll let me apply since its techniquly for grad students, but maybe i'll get lucky. Got my CV written its 3 pages long, not bad for an undergrad I guess, but looks so short compared to the ones I was looking at.

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