Life as a falconer, insect systematist, and double Masters Student (or a look into the mind of someone who is questionably sane).

01 September 2006

1 week down, 14 or so to go. Can't complain too much I guess, my classes havnt been too bad as of yet. A very exciting part of school has been the wireless internet in my classes so I can type my notes and play on the internet all at the same time. I love it. I got a new (and the best so far office)- 310 Heep. Ive got a good sized window looking out across the grass, 2 scopes, a microwave, 3 insect cabinets, a computer, a phone, a bookshelf, and 2 desks (cornered so I can't get into 1 set of drawers. There were a bunch of 5 1/4 floppy disks and other ancient items in it, we decided it could be a time capsule and left them in the drawers. O and I forgot the most important item, a kingsize box of saltine crackers. There was a table also but I decided to get rid of that and keep the 2 desks to make way for the 3rd insect cabinet. It was rather amusing me and woolley trying to move the desk which must have weighted more than we did across the room, but after some creative force application we succeeded. The table is now in the hall with a chair and we decided to make that Cammacks office for now. We just need a sign "Jonathan Alan Cammack 310ish" or something along that line. As usual after woolley's class me and cammack hang around typically with random questions. Well on wensday we were waiting around and he tried to leave without turning off the lights. We pointed out the sign about turning the lights off and he started complaining about us being commies. So we had to point out it wasnt us that lived in a hippy commune and grew organic carrots that got sold to some buddy of charles manson. Other than that just going to classes (havn't missed one yet) and finding new and exciting ways to drive people crazy. Went to the Fox last night with the WFSC grad students then the Hall with the undergrads and Mandy. Good times, they played 4th of july, fighting tx aggie, the war hymn, and road goes on forever all in a row. Also ran into a couple of my buddies from church so they bought me a shot to celebrate my birthday. Today was a fun day, other than getting woken up at an ungodly hour to buy my sister flowers and a happy birthday balloon from my parents. I got some stickers from wharton of Fulgorids and got to see a gumboot (large molusk like deal) . Had Roel's class today, Bob's the TA and im in a group with Annaliese, Logan, and some dude named Clint. Should be fun. My part is management for upland game. Will be a challenge since its a 3/4 wooded area. Looks like we may have a 2%ers team after all, playing back in Bryan. I'm excited. But the big news of the day was Woolley finally gave in and is getting a cell phone. He mentioned it in 601, then when I was sitting outside Heep talking on the phone he came out and stood around waiting for Carla to pick him up so they could go get cell phones. Carla came and picked him up and they asked if I wanted a ride to my truck, so of course my lazy self did. Her new car has tons of bells and whistles so it was amusing to watch woolley play with them. There's even a display that says if the car is running off the engine or battery. Way to fancy for me I like it that my truck just does on and off. Woolley was trying to find a way to get out of getting the phone so I told carla to make sure he got one. He then said he wouldn't give me the number so Carla said shed give it to me. I think he's realizing we're going to be ganging up on him for the forseeable future. What was he thinking taking me on as a grad student? The next few years are going to be fun

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