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21 September 2006

Shining moments- or not

Survived the last 2 days although at a couple points it was definatly questionable. I had a paper due yesterday morning that I thought was due next wensday, somehow got it done the night before last. Seems like that was a common occurance since most of my friends were doing the same thing. Posters are done and printed, hopefully they turned out ok. Now I just have to pack and get a hair cut before 1600. It was rather amusing, my bangs are so long they cover my eyes, not a big deal normally since I always have my hat on. But when I'm fencing I have to take it off so I can wear my mask. So yesterday I was running late after running into wharton (and getting my fact for the day) and Oz (who caught me an Abachrysa) and didnt get to fencing until after everyone had suited up. So all the small masks were gone and somehow the lefthanded jackets were gone to (strange since I'm the only lefty in the class). So i was fencing blind with my mask constantly hitting me and in the wrong jacket. Not a shineing moment thats for sure. The best part of the day was roadhouse with Aubrey, Mika, and Josh. I shockingly enough had a steak. 12 oz ribeye to be exact with a baked potato. Good times had by all.

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