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11 September 2006

Since my last post weve finished moving stuff around in my office, have 13 more weeks of school (really 11 since I'm missing a week for tws and a week for esa), and have decided that I truly hate genetics- not good since woolley says I have to know that stuff backwards and forwards. Other than that just getting ready for a collecting trip with some of the guys from the dept down to 300 acres of costal prairie on saturday. Should be fun other than leaving at 8am when Im dunking my ring the night before. Should be an adventure, but in the often quoted words of my major prof you can sleep when your dead. Had our first 2%er game tonight, we lost pretty bad, definatly not the team we use to be- go alot of new players and we havnt clicked yet. Hopefully next week will be better. I was catcher as usual and i realized I had been catching for our pitcher bob (who happens to by one of my old bosses) for going on my 8th sesaon, didnt realize wed all been playing together for so long. I think he and I are the only original 2%ers left. I was pretty bummed when I thought we wouldnt have a team, but we scraped one together at the last min so another season is underway.

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