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16 August 2006

Since my last posting ive had 2 more flats and gotten stuck. Yeah its impressive I know. After the 2nd one of the day I had had enough (although I know some pretty cool tire changing tricks, can change them in less than 10 min, and could probabily even patch them if i had all the cool machines mechanics have). So I broke down and bough a new tire. I even upgraded from a 4 ply to a 6 ply. I think i scared the mechanic when I started talking in as Katie calls it fluent tire. This is what happens when youve changed more tires in the last month than most people do in years. Gotta love wtx roads after major storms. There are now at least 3 places in the road where you drop about a foot. To make it really fun the spots are invisible until your on them. Whats happened is weve had about 3 inches of rain over the last few days and the roads flood every time. In the process theyve been cutting channels through the road and these widen and deepen to make the large ditchs that have been plaguing my existance recently. This morning I got stuck on the way to the site. I wasnt too deep, but there was another truck that had spent the night out there, along with a 150 that got stuck shortly after i did. The 150 got out and left the other truck and I to figure it out ourselves (he was from florida so thats expected I guess) Damn hippies. I tried sticking 2x4s under the back tires and backing up onto them with hazel pushing. Got one side out but not the other. Chrissy came out and between the 4 of us we jacked my truck up (bumper jacks are pretty cool), wedged a bunch of rocks under the stuck tire and with the 3 of them pushing got my truck out. The other guys truck was a lost cause so we gave him a ride back to van horn to get his buddies oil truck which had a cable long enough to pull his truck out from the "dry" part of the road. Never a dull moment out here i guess.

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