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04 August 2006

I realilzed how much driving I do when I looked at my odometer today and realized 2 things:
A- I've driven close to 7000 miles in the last month and a half
B- My truck has over 51000 miles on it, i've had it for 23 months, and it had .8 miles when I got it.
Something tells me I do a lot of driving.

Yesterday Lauren and I grabbed pizza in Marfa where the Pizza Foundation makes the greatest pizza in the world. We talked birds, falconry, and dogs (shocking I know) then went to Alpine looking for the passport picture place. After a couple attempts we were successful and headed back to Valentine. We didn't see any haggard Aplos this trip (last time we went to Marfa I spotted one on a power line. Turns out it was 2A). Watched some movies in Valentine- finally got to see the one about putting together Aplomado nest structures that Paul has been telling me about since 2004. Watching those guys weld the boxes (to music no less) makes me want to learn to weld. Over the last 5 or so years my bro and I have been wanting to weld, maria and I actually got him a welding mask one birthday. However my mom forbids us from buying welding stuff not even a keychain size welder from home depot. Dont know why, eddie and I would never burn down the house or anything... Guess shes learned from watching the 2 of us anything with fire is to be avoided.

It was an uneventful evening at the hack site, but when we got back to the otel the power was out and appeared to have been out for a while. There went our plan of finishing Three Kings since both our laptops were dead. So we went to Wendys. Only issue was everyone in Van Horn had the same idea along with the grayhound bus people. After standing in line for a while we decided to just drive to valentine and eat down there- it only takes half an hour or so and the way the line was going wendys would probabily be longer than that. So down to valentine where Lauren, Katie, and I talked birds for a while then Lauren and I lapsed into the typical falconry discussion of what bird to get next. We both want to pull eyas falcons and tame hack them so looked into that, but hen passage goses from wyoming look fun, or maybe we should get some passage falcons. So many birds and so little time.

A couple things I learned in Dominica came in handy today. The first was always take duct tape with you. Ive always loved duct tape and usually have some within easy reach, but after setting up a trap with a huge rip due to lack of duct tape I now never leave home without it. While going to Marfa I noticed Laurens truck was making a rubbing noise. Turns out she lost a mud flap and part of it was rubbing against the tire. A bit of duct tape to hold the flap back and no more rubbing (well at least until we got home and it came off when we hit a puddle). The second was to always have a headlamp. I had one in my backpack which definatly came in handy at the powerless otel.

Today Lauren and I went to Davis where along with the normal haunts of ours we went by the exxon to see Jimmy the mechanic. I was hoping to get the truck inspected but he was out of stickers so ill have to go back next week. Thatll be a good excuse to go harrass him again, I try and see him whenever I make it back out to west texas. We found out that one of the insect sellers also had an art gallery in davis so we went over there to see if he was around. His shop was closed but there were some cool bugs in the windows. I walked to the shop next door to see if they knew when he would be back. Turns out the shop sold rocks, mostly collected in the area. Ill go back sometime when i can take a good look at the stuff, there were definatly some neat looking rocks. Next was the Caboose for ice cream, i almost had a scare jodie though they were out of tripple chocolate but was able to find a couple scoops for me in back. Tragidy narrowly averted. On the way out of town we saw that the gallery was open so we stopped by and talked to greg for a bit. Turns out he lives near dave so next time im up there ill stop by and see the collection. No other big news in wtx.

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