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14 August 2006

Lets see since the last post ive had drum roll please 2 more flat tires. Shocking I know. The big issue is the road is totally washed out and theres tons of exposed rock and bottles. Not to mention the foot drops that appear out of nowhere in different spots after each rain. Good times. Other than that the birds are doing well, weve been getting some good rains, and having fun running around wtx. Last night was spent in Valentine where we had an unplanned hack gathering. The plan had been for a bunch of us to go to marfa and meet up with a couple others down there but on arriving at the house we rapidly lost motivation to continue another half hour south. So upon consulting with Lauren we decided to stay and maybe go shoot a bunny for dinner. We went over to Angel and asked if we could throw a bunny on the bbq, but he said there was enough meat for the 4 of us. We figured steaks, pork, and chicken sounded ok so no bunnies met an untimely end. Well as expected one thing led to another and the party didnt break up until the early morning hours (but not before angel stated singing itsy bitsy spider and dancing to the music the means girls were playing). So all of us crashed there- 7 people and 7 trucks as Hazel calls it a truck convention. We all woke up at 600 and it was back to work. Other big news is a bird from one of the other sites appeared today, at first i though she was one of my birds that had been gone for a couple days but then i got a better view and realized the m looked more like a h. This is the 1st time ive had birds from other sites come to my tower, usually my birds ditch my site after a while and join up with larger sites to the south. Seems like a good chunck of the birds eventually end up at one site.

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