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14 August 2006

Heres an Aplo through the scope. My camera fits perfectly onto the scope so I can take some close up pictures. Just have to work on focusing now and lighting now.

I love west texas sunrises. Thats one of my favorite parts of this job being totally in tune with sunrise and sunset. You miss out on some cool ones being stuck in a building.

Female Aplomado between Marfa and Valentine. She was probabily one of last years birds since she was molting her tail and starting to get some adult brest and head feathers. It would have been a great trapping set up, she wasn't spooky at all. One day...

Katie and I changing the tire on Laurens truck. Weve become very efficent tire changers these days. The p-fund always teaches useful life skills, tire changing is one of them (others include novel ways to tell sour milk and how to fix everything from scopes to fences).

This is one of our Aplos on release day. It was 105F in the shade and apperently it decided that under the shade blind with us was a good perching spot for a few minutes.

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