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02 August 2006

The rain has started, hopefully it keeps it up. Weve gotten a couple inches over the last few days here in van horn. I am pleased to report that I have not gotten stuck yet, maybe its because I know not to randomly turn right into an unassuming body of water like some people I know. We went to Camp Meeting, this week long gathering of ranching families that have been in wtx forever. The first one was in 1890, and the land it takes place on is used only for this event each year. There are 5 families who cook food and each has a shelter they serve their food in. I went with Lauren, Katie, and Chrissy and ate at the Millers. Bill Miller is an excellent cook, we had steaks. There must have been 150 people served by the Millers today. Its a huge family reunion reminds me of the get togethers we have in NM where its impossible to keep track of whos who and how were all related. It was a lot of fun. Back in valentine we switched Napoleon Dynamite for Three Kings. Not much else going on out here, sent in my 186-a for releasing my redtail Kos. I turned her loose a while back. I figure she'll be fine and hopefully will make some red tails as good as she was. I think next on the agenda will be a taita falcon if i'm lucky but if not itll be a tiercel prairie or maybe a merlin. I cant wait for trapping season!

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