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12 August 2006

Been a while since the last one. Since then I've gotten a second flat, gotten stuck a second time, and have gotten really good at driving through water up to my doors. Weve had quite a bit of rain off and on which is definatly needed. Big news recently has been eating rattlesnake for lunch. We were hoping to make it a wildgame lunch but since i wasnt able to nail any bunnies with rocks or knifes we only had the snake. Ive come really close a couple times and even hit one once with a rock and another with the knife but no kills. I have a whole new respect for kos catching bunnies, the pellet gun makes it look so easy this has been a nice challenge. A few days ago we had 4 different families 3 orders and 2 different classes interacting. A roadrunner came in and grabbed a baby cottontail. It was screaming and the mother chased the bird (with baby in beak) away. The Alpos launched off the tower and chased the bunny until this swainsons hawk appeared out of nowhere and started chasing the bunny. The aplos decided that was not allowed and took off after the swainsons. They chased it about a mile before coming back to the site. It was pretty wild.

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