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05 August 2006

The rain continues, its a beautiful thing. Weve needed it for sure. Its been good soaking rain so hopefully now itll green up. We went to camp meeting again yesterday and pretty much all everyone was talking about was the rain. Over the last 3 years I've come to realize how important rain is out here. You can tell whos got rain and who hasnt just by listening to the ranchers (or looking at the trucks since a mud covered truck is a badge of honor). If its not raining all the talk is about how much we need it and if the rains have come its talking about rainfall patterns. The spottyness of the precip out here is hard to believe until you live it. I've literally checked gauges where one has 2-3 inches of rain and the next pasture over got nothing. Over the last 4 days weve gotten quite a bit of rain which has led to some interesting happenings. As mentioned previously there was our 7 hr power outage a couple days back. Well today we got a ton of rain all around wtx. We had to trade in our pfund 4x4 so only had my truck to get to the site. We attempted to make it to the site but after making it through giant puddle number 1 stopped to take a picture. I knew the water was rising, but didnt realize how fast it was coming up. In the min or 2 i was parked there the water came up 2 inches and flooded an aditional 30-40 ft of road. We saw a car approaching from the direction we wanted to go, and they said it was even worse up ahead. We drove on to check it out for ourselves and sure enough it was higher than it was the day Lauren and I went out with Paul and Angel. An izsue came through the 2nd puddle and said it was rising and even if we made it through that puddle the next one was worse and there was no way the truck could make it. So we decided the birds wernt going to eat tonight and turned back around just in time to see the izsue and the car back out of the puddle. Guess over the last couple of minutes the water had risen to the impassable point. So the 6 of us got out and hung around the island we were trapped on. There was Katie and I, a father and his young son (in the Izsue and both named Francisco), and a middle age couple that owns 40 acres farther up the road (in the car). Me, Katie, and Francisco Jr. who was probibly 6 or so had a good time playing in the mud and foam that appears in the water down here. After a little over an hour the couple in the car decided to try and make it through since the water had droped a good 3 inches. They made it a bit farther down the road until an arroyo cut through the road and it got too deep for them. By now me and the Izsue had caught up to them and we decided we could probibly make it in our trucks. After exchanging numbers with the couple incase they got stuck I scooted over to let the Izsue through since we decided to have him go first. He made it through although his truck almost got flooded a couple times. We then took off in my truck. Almost flooded out a time or two but the red devil as Lauren has taken to calling my truck fought its way through the water. Then the troubles began. There was a hill of mud between this lake and the next one which was kinda chewed up from the Izsue. I started up it, got almost to the top when the truck finally remembered it wasnt 4x4 and got stuck. I tried a couple different things in hopes of getting it out but no luck. Francisco got his tow rope out and tied on to the trucks and pulled at it for a while but no go. However he managed to loosen me up enough that I could reverse again and this time hit it at a slightly different angle and going faster. After flooring it and saying a few encouraging words i made it up and out. We then continued down the road with no more close calls. Back at the otel Katie and I decided to run to the market since we were back earlier than normal. We walked in and there were the 2 Franciscos. Jr. was so excited to see us again he ran over to us and followed us around. It rapidly degraded into chased us around the store playing tag until his parents were done and the 2 of us had our grocerys. The rest of the night was spent at the bar next door where we played 3 games of pool. Definatly not shining moments for the pool game thats for sure. I think the p-fund needs a table in valentine for us to play on so when were in town we can represent the p-fund with honor not by knocking the balls back and forth until one happens to go in. By the 3rd game we werent doing quite so bad, but it still wasnt too pretty.

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