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11 January 2007

The Homecoming

Our last day in guatemala was pretty crazy. We got all our stuff packed up and Jose came and picked us up. We loaded up the truck and then drove to the airport, which is undergoing major renovations. He dropped us off and we said our good byes. The four of us then headed in. me, AMC, and David checked in and got everything squared away while JRJ went and checked in for his flight since he was again on a different plane. We then went and payed the exit tax which was about 2$ US. We started to head towards security but then David decided he wanted a nice 20$ Q bill for the display frame he was making so went back to the exit tax people and got one. Then we went through security and customs. None of us had any problems going through either so that was quite exciting. Inside the terminal we found some more souviner shops to play around in while we waited for our flights. We found some brightly colored clothes that we all wanted but I had no cash so JRJ bought me the one I liked. Its rainbow colored, should look nice on my desk. I then went out to the lobby area and transfered some moths around and watched all the people running around. As David and I were sitting there I heard someone yelling my name. I looked up and saw Christina from Dominca class in the airport along with her boyfriend. Totally random, but typical Catanach trait of running into people you know everywhere. They were on our flight. We headed off to our gate and had to go through a second round of security to get into our gate. We then waited around forever until they finally called us to board. Me and AMC sat together again, but fell asleep instantly and I slept basicly all the way to houston. Once we landed we got our bags and went through immigration and customs. AMC went first and they asked her what she had and she told them dead insects. they sent her and us over to the ag inspection line where they just waved her and i through. They totally searched David and made him fill out the FWS forms before theyd let him leave. Then we emerged into the normal part of the airport. Davids wife was waiting for him and they left. AMC and I found a place to sit and waited for her mom. I called JAC and told him we were back in the US of A and he asked if wed be back in time for dinner. I told him itd be late but wed be back by 9, so he said call him when we left and hed have dinner ready. AMCs mom got to the airport and we loaded up our gear. Traffic was bad, but we made it to her house and got the stuff wed left there. After hanging around for a little bit we decided it was time to leave so we could make it back for dinner at a semi reasonable hour. The trip back was uneventful, just talked about guatamala and how much we want to go back. When we got to college station we ran by AMC's apt to drop off some stuff and then went to cammack's. Dinner was almost ready and we talked bugs while he finished up the cooking. I drank some milk- the one thing I've discovered tastes totally different if you're out of the country, so had been craving some good american milk for a week. Then we broke out the beer. The 3 of us talked bugs and collecting while we ate, it was great fun to have JAC back with us, he definatly makes things fun. We pulled out some of our bugs to show off what we'd collected and then told the collecting story highlights. Dinner was great, ate quite a bit and enjoyed the good times. It really did feel like I had come home, sitting there in the kitchen eating a homemade dinner (well wed been eating homemade food the whole trip but this was made by someone who did it cause he liked us not cause we were customers), telling stories, and planning the next trip. It really was a nice ending to a good trip. I think coming home to an empty house would have been different, I'm so glad JAC was there. Eventually we decided to call it a night and AMC dropped me off at Maria's friends apartment where my truck was. I went inside and saw her for a few min before I took my truck and went to heep to deal with the trap samples. I re alchoholed the samples, played a bit on the computer then called it a night.

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