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08 January 2007

Guatemala day 6

The alarm went of at 2 then again at 215 at which point we got up and went out to the sheet. It was pretty cold and there were just some leps most of them were dead on the bottom a bit strange but I guess we killed that many when we were playing around at the sheet hitting bugs. So it was back to bed until the alarm went off again at 715 or so. I looked at AMC and went back to sleep since we weren’t eating breakfast until about 8. She got up to take a shower in the not warm water. I drifted back to sleep and was dreaming that I ran into Emily mount down here and was talking about the reunion when I heard Teresa, Teresa. Im like why is Emily calling me Teresa and she sounds strangely masculine. Then I heard it again and realized it want my dream but actually jose knocking on the door. I guess he heard the shower ands like you in the bath? Im like no that Aubrey hes like theres a Quetzal. That woke me up in a heart beat and I was out of bed with my shoes on before he finished saying that it was out in the front. I grabbed my camera and ran out the door. Jose was already back out front with the german dude. Jose lined me up with the bird and then it flew out and I got a glimpse of it. There was a male and female feeding pretty high up. The female had a red breast and the male was lacking the long tail. We watched them fly around and I took a picture that might have a quetzal dot in it. They flew off after a bit and I went back to get ready for the day. AMC wasn’t quite done showering so I laid back down. She came out and I must have looked funny cause shes like you ok? And I said yeah I just saw a quetzal. She though that was pretty cool. I got ready then we went down for breakfast. The guys were no where to be seen and AMC and I decided to order eggs. AMC remembered the word for breakfast but put me in charge since it worked out ok yesterday, but I walked in and jose was in there so we were spared ordering. I got scrambled eggs. AMC, Jose, and I ate together while the german dude was at the table next to us. The guys were still nowhere to be seen so we decided to go put out the dead fish and some pan traps while jose ran into town. AMC and I were walking to the room when we ran into david and jrj. We told them the plan and gathered our stuff from the room. Then we had to figure out how to pull the fish out of the tree where jose and hung it to keep the ring tailed cats from getting it. AMC said to cut the string so I did. Then she tried pulling it out of the tree and after a few good tugs it came down. Dave and I both thought she should have let go and launched it across the forest. We decided to put the pan traps near the trap with the fish, down the trail from the rooms. The fish went up pretty easy, just ran the kite string through a gill like a stringer. Put down 29 pan traps, but its so cold well see if they get anything. We then set up a 3rd malaise trap farther down the trail. We made it back about the same time jose did and got ready for a day of collecting in the oak forest. There were a couple more quetzals flying around inlcuidng a male with a long tail. They get to be about a meter long at the end of the molt. There was a bit of an alcohol issue since jrj was using a bunch and needed more but couldn’t find anymore. We had a bit in our room so we went to get it and managed to lock the key in the room. O well its still guys 2 girls 1 on that count. The 3 of us plus jrj took off down the road and stopped about 20-30 min down the road at a spot with a ton of flowers in bloom. The collecting was really good and I got a bunch of new bugs. We then went down to the river at monkey tail (don’t remember what it is in Spanish) and collected some more. Got some more new ones including a tridactylid and a hydrometrid. Very exciting. By now it was getting late so we headed back for home. It started to rain part of the way, and we picked up a guy walking so we didn’t stop anywhere else to collect. We dropped the guy off where the dirt met the pavement then we drove to the gas station. I put the backpacks in the cab to minimize the water issues. On the way back to the reserve jose stopped to call and remind jack schuster we were coming. AMC and I went back to our room and then I went back to the main house to grab my spam. I took some bugs to work on and ate with jose. AMC came over as we were finishing up talking about collecting- I told him about the dominica mess since he really wants to go there and told him id try and get elvis’s contact info. He wants some Hercules beetles from the island. After a bit he decided to go to town and I worked on my bugs trying to get them ready for the trip back. I think were going to carry everything on so as not to worry about it getting lost or mangled. It started getting even colder and AMC and I headed back to the room. I messed around on the computer and she made fun of my map book until jose knocked to see if we wanted dinner at 630 with everyone else. It sounded good to us although we were still eating the tortillias wed stold from his lunch. I ordered a steak. 630 we headed down in the rain and sat down. The food wasn’t quite ready and we sat around talking. I asked jose if he wanted a beer then went and got the 2 of us beer. The food came out and we ate. Jose gave us or export permits- we each have our own for 500 bugs of our group. Very nice. I added it to my permit stack and called it good. After dinner jose and I talked raidos since hes wanting hts for his workers to use. Checked the light then he and I went to pull the fish off the trap. I also got some lep envelopes. On the way back I managed to totally crash and burn on one of the steps, it was rather amusing im sure. After that we just checked lights there were quite a few good bugs out even with the rain and jrj and jose took pictures. Jose was playing with jrjs camera making jrj walk around and pose trying to get a picture of the reddish light bouncing off the ferns far back and jrj in the forground. It was rather amusing.

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