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02 January 2007

In my 3rd country

made it to guatemala, the flight was bumpy but uneventuful. Aubreys mom fixed me breakfast of eggs and spam since she heard i liked spam. It was quite good. The descent was fast and when we hit the cloud layer it was a fast drop, but the clouds opened up to the city. It was absoultly beautiful. The plane banked sharply and we circled around a volcano before landing. Guatemala City was nice from the air- small neighborhoods seperated by wooded areas. on the ground we made our way through immigration then waited until our baggae appeared. It took awhile but eventually we got it all. Customs was a breeze then we had to find jose. we looked all around but no sign with our names on it or anything. Then this guy came up to david and asked if he was david so we found our guide. We loaded up into the truck and went to the hotel. After unloading he left and the 3 of us went to go find something to eat after unpacking. We wandered around looking for a grocery store but no luck so we ate at some cafe. I ordered an enchilada and a float. The enchilada was unlike any id ever seen it had a fried tortila on top then meat hash type stuff followed by beets lots and lots of beets. Once you got rid of the beets it wasnt bad. Then back to the hotel where aubrey and i watched tv and repacked our stuff to prepere for collecting. It was impressive of the 2 bags and a backpack i have probabily 4/5ths is collecting gear and only 1/5 is my actual stuff, theres a picture of everything I took below. The stuff to the left is my stuff- my clothes, sleeping bag, etc. The stuff to the right is collecting gear. Aubrey and I went to find the hotel bar at about 9 and walked into a pitch black hall. I grabbed my bioquip flashlight (very handy) and we walked out to the lobby where a hotel guy was sitting. The gate was closed and everything was shut down for the night so i guess no guatemalan beer for me tonite. It was nice to have internet for one last day, I got to talk to JAC some along with various family members of mine. Mom tried to work out the cell phone situation so I should be able to call out now. Well see. As usual, rather then going to bed at a decent hour since we were suppose to leave at some ungodly hour we watched TV and played on the computer until it was after midnight. O well

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