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02 January 2007

Starting off the New Years right

Once i was back in BCS Aubrey dropped me off at my house and I went to work packing. I pulled out the malaise traps to start patching them up. Aubrey called and said she was coming to get me so I could go to JACs party. JACs party was great as expected. Fair number of people there, had the music going, drank some beer, and talked out by the bbq. As midnight approached us nerds went to and listened to wwv to get the official midnight. We threw popcorn, did some party favors, and of course drank champaign. Most everyone left within an hour or so, JAC passed out in the yard, and so me and Julie sat around talking until Aubrey came just as Julie was going to take me home. The 3 of us stood around talking in the front yard until aubrey realized she had to take me home so she could go pick up anne and then get home and get some sleep

Monday was mostly spent packing. I woke up around 9 after going to bed at about 5. No idea what i was doing until 5 since i left cammacks at around 230 but o well, guess it was fun stareing at the wall for 2.5 hrs. I did as much packing as i could until about noon when i walked to heep. Talked to pam most of the way. the walk wasnt too bad, and i stopped at the gas station to grab a pint of milk. At heep i stopped in to tell woolley of my adventures then to get info on 301. I also coned him into giving me a ride home when he left. I then went to the office and got a little work done and organized the malaise traps. next i got the wtx samples into ethanol so i could take the jars with me. I also did a loan request for the ucr xyphon. Woolley showed up ands like unsalted saltenes are good and thens asked if I was ready to go. So i packed up all my stuff, messed wasnt with the printer for a few min, then he dropped me off at the house. I called Iana for dinner. She came and got me and we were going to go to cheplote except they were closed. So we went to panda express instead. Then walmart for batterys. I spent 50 bucks on batterys, how sad is that? Then my favorite romanian took me home. I called cammack and begged him to come pick me up and take me to heep so i could pick up some other stuff and also to let me borrow a back up headlamp since my 2 backups were still in the truck whcih was currently on its way between sf and tx. It took them 4 hrs to go 90 miles to santa rosa. So julie and cammack came and we went to heep where i stold a net handle, a small aquarium net, and some other random stuff. Then back to the house to use cammacks duct tape since mine was already packed to fix one of my bags. The Aubrey came and got me and the two of us plus jones left for houston. The drive was uneventful and we got to her house at about 1am. Her mom had steak, beans, and cottage cheese for us so that was my 2nd dinner. It was quite yummy. Then after a bit I went to bed where I could actually hit wireless and play on the computer, where I am typing this now.

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