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07 January 2007

Pictures from Guatemala

This is the hotel we stayed at the first night. It was in downtown Guatemala City, right next to the American Embasy. It had a bunch of random statutes in front of it. The best part was that it had wireless internet and TV.

This is the view driving down the street in Antiqua.

This is the second place we stopped to collect at on our trip. There were a ton of leafhoppers in this small patch of grass. The mountian in the background is a volcano that erupted periodically.

This was the first Malaise Trap that AMC and I put up. Note the use of leaves and vines to get it possitioned correctly. The trap wasn't quite an A+ but I figure we made up for it in creativity.

The Computer store in one of the towns we drove through. You could tell what brands and products were sold inside a store by looking at what logos were painted on the walls such as Cannon, Intel, and HP in this case

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